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This website is a sales tool for you to start promoting your services and products for free. The user if you want more reach to your new prospects clients can pay us for an advertising space, is part of our business within this website, monetize with advertising within our platform.



"DatesLink" (https://www.dateslink.com) or the company that manages said website "COM MEDIA PTY" are NOT responsible for brand publications that are published on this website. The user who posts on our website to promote their services and products is under their responsibility. You are also aware that it will be under your responsibility and management of the use of the brand and intellectual property under the responsibility of the user who is publishing on our website. The website by established rules are against the mishandling of third-party brands and will be supervised if we see any user promoting and disclosing the misuse of a brand will be suspended by definitive from our website.

Display Advertising that appears on our website that carries a brand, is a paid or monetized advertising, which is paying in our space within our website must be authorized by us for such publication. The customer is responsible for what they will advertise within our advertising space.



-"DatesLink" (https://www.dateslink.com) reserves the right to cancel your account by definitive of any user, who does not comply with the established terms. The established conditions for modifications and improvements of these sanctions are open. If in such case, none of the above prohibitions is mentioned, we can consider any action that the website "DatesLink" (https://www.dateslink.com) considers harmful for its image and services provided. Some prohibited actions are mentioned within the "DatesLink" (https://www.dateslink.com).

- Register more than one account corresponding to the same user.

- Announce incomplete and false data.

- Use any mechanism to prevent or attempt to impede the proper functioning of this Website or any activity that is being carried out on this Website "DatesLink" (https://www.dateslink.com).

- Unauthorized use of a third party user and password.

- Try to decipher, decompile or obtain the source code of any software program of this Website.

- The user must detail the specifications of his product in a real and true way.

- The user should not use this tool for scams.

- The user must address his client with respect, not accept opsenas words, vulgar, unrespectful, threats, or accusations, or any kind of hints that harm the browser, or the website.

- Do not publish ads in the wrong category.

- Do not post more than 6 images per ad or post, This is not allowed.

- Upload images with low resolution, pixelated, will be deleted. Your Posture measurement is 660px wide.

- Forbidden to upload images with logo of another web page or images with logo are not allowed, much less with a watermark.

- Prohibited to upload images of Internet with right of author.

- Prohibited to publish racist disputes, politics, discrimination, ridicule of any kind, promote them based on ideologies, currents or organizations of any kind.

- Do not post ads for products that you do not meet with your client.

- Do not publish repeated ads.

- A link to download applications, or any type of file, software that is not your property is not allowed.

- Ads with price list are not allowed.

- It is not allowed to publish products with pornography, weapons, or anything that the ad does not have anything to do with the categories that are on the website.

- Subject to changes and increased prohibitions of publications not appropriate to our website, we reserve the right to make these changes at any time.



"DatesLink" (https://www.dateslink.com) is not responsible for the type of negotiation that the advertiser does with his client.

It is recommended to the client our advertisers to ask their clients for as much information as possible through our platform so that they can create a qualified client for their services and products. These are our best buying tips.



You can create links to another website, to promote offers, direct link to your shopping cart website, landing page, blog, as long as it is your property.

No application download link, or any file type, software that is not your property is allowed.



We want this website to be transparent for users who use this website as a sales tool, but we also want it to be much more transparent for its clients who trust this website to purchase their service and products in good condition and new in base to the categories of this site.

"DatesLink" (https://www.dateslink.com) reserves the right to eliminate any account that warrants it and is considered to be eliminated. The eliminations of accounts are for life.

If in such case it does not merit this elimination of account, it will be necessary to support the reason why your account should not be deleted.



We have 3 ways to advertise within our website.

1. Advertising Pay (Cost per Click = $0.05) CPC and (Cost per Thousand Impressions = $0.03) CPM. The measure for this type of advertising image must be 660 pixel wide by 550 pixel long. The payments of this system is through PayPal, with credit or debit card, visa or master card.

2. Payment advertising by fixed banner position per month.

If you wish to pay for any space for Advertising Banners, you can do so by transferring money directly to the account, through WESTERN UNION in your country to WESTERN UNION Panama with the following information:


Account Name: Rolando Ohmer C

Fill in your real information in the shipping form of the company WESTERN UNION, to get in touch with you for the creation of your advertising, mail and number of whatApps.

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3. Announcements by Month.

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The links allowed for the banner and advertising of our website, you can link to:

Landing Page, to capture database with your prospects clients of your service and products. We do not guarantee that your ideal client is at your discretion and responsibility of the user.

Link to shopping cart website directly to the sale product.

Link to your social networks or any other third party website, all under the responsibility of the user.

Link your blog within your web page.

Affiliate Marketing Direct Link.

CPA Marketing link.

Direct link to your product within our website.


Any point that is not on this website, "DatesLink" (https://www.dateslink.com) has all the power to correct this function that we deserve and has all the rights of intellectual property and copyright to do any modification that warrants it, at any time.

In other words, all changes are effective immediately when we place them, and access to and use of the website is applied to all thereafter. The updated version replaces any previous version immediately after being published, and the previous version (s) will have no legal effect to continue. If you do not review new terms as advertised, then you agree that you have waived your right to do so, and are therefore subject to the updated terms, even if you were unable to review the new ones. You are in the notification of the changes, and your failure to review the modified terms is your own omission. By continuing to use the Website after us, we make available a modified version of these terms of service, which therefore acknowledges, accepts and consents to such modification.