Enhance your knowledge in IUI treatment

In this treatment, the sperms are placed inside the uterus of a female for fertilization.

IUI or Intrauterine insemination

Since sperms are necessary for fertilization, so this method increases the sperms which travel to Fallopian tube for increasing fertilization.IUI treatment cost in Punjab is very less as compared to other methods of treatment, like IVF.

What is the need for getting IUI?

The need for getting IUI arises when there is a problem with the sperms, unexplained fertility, cervical mucus problems, ejaculation dysfunction.

What is the procedure?

The doctor checks the sperms. The sample of sperms is washed in the lab to separate the sperm from the fluid. The doctor will then keep a mirror or glass near the vagina to see the cervix. After this, the sperm will be cleaned by a solution. A little amount of washed sperm will be inserted in to the attached tube. The tube has to go through the cervix and then the sperm is injected in the uterus. The tube and glass are then removed and the patient is asked to take rest for a while. Sometimes some patients require medicines along with the process. Those patients who are advised to take medicines have to be under doctors observation for 2 days.

Are there any success rates?

The success rates depend upon the womens age, the reason for infertility. if a couple decides to get IUI done every month then the success rates can be as high as 40 %.

Many couples wish to experience more traditional methods before getting trying methods like these, but when they find those methods not working in their case then they shift to methods like IUI.