Game of thrones cast view about shooting of the season

About game of thrones shooting and cast feelings when they shoot

Game of Thrones has teased a huge season 8 showdown that will take place at Winterfell. The HBO is all set to release the most exciting final season of the GOT. No doubt, it is going to be huge and with full of twists, turns, deaths, zombies, and most importantly the dragon.Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 is going on air on 14th April. Fans will found out on May 19 that who will sit on the Iron Throne.

Rory said in the interview, Everybody prays they never have to go through this ever again.

Maisie Williams speaking to entertainment weekly said, I skip the battle every year, which is very bizarre since Arya is the one who has been training the most. This is my first time on the battlefield and I have been thrown into the battlefield in the end. It was extremely emotional and tiring and sometimes you felt like crying. But you cannot do anything about this situation.

David Benioff said in his interview, From the beginning, we have discussed and talked about how the series will end. A good story is not a good story if it has a bad ending. There is a lot going on even in the first episode and we hope the fans wont be disappointed. No doubt, we are also worried that how the audience will respond.